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Blueberry wins German Design Award

November 24, 2021

At EVOLVE we strive for the very best, and it looks like we have a winner on our hands!

The Blueberry™ charging system just won the German Design Award for Excellent Product Design in the category of Public Design. Powered by i-charging, Blueberry is a new concept for EV charging – and we’re super proud to have it represented on our fleet.

Blueberry is the first fast charger to hit the market with power between 50 kW and 600 kW, with up to four outputs.  It allows current and future vehicles to charge up to 1000 V. The Blueberry uses a patent-pending technology, which allows dynamic power allocation, enabling both sequential and simultaneous charging. It greets its customers with a 32” touch screen and a user-friendly cable management system. 

Outstanding design means providing answers to the challenges of our time and thinking design further ahead. A top-class international jury chose Blueberry for its outstanding and ground-breaking design achievement.

German Design Award

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