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From electrification readiness plans and engineering to fleet vehicle management and public charging solutions, Evolve Sustainability Group Inc. delivers community-focused sustainable transportation solutions.

Up to 100% funding

Your Community + Evolve =

Readiness plan
It starts with a robust transportation readiness plan tailored to your community.

Working together with our team of designers, engineers, and financial analysts, Evolve will help you plan for a sustainable tomorrow.

The next step is implementation of the readiness plan.

From utility upgrades and procurement to installation and commissioning, Evolve is here to guide the construction of your integrated community-based zero emission vehicle fleets, private and public EV charging and hydrogen refueling centers, power generation systems, and energy storage.

Long term project viability requires modern operations, management, and service.

Evolve is here to provide real-time digital network monitoring and remote troubleshooting to maximize reliability and uptime. 

Evolve is committed to securing financial incentives for all of its community partners.
Up to 100% funding is available for most sustainable transportation projects from readiness plan to implementation and operations.

Evolve Community Advantage

We work with you to analyze, plan, finance, build, and manage your community’s transition to electric transportation.

Research and Planning

It starts with a readiness plan that provides a clear understanding of how climate change is affecting your community’s transportation infrastructure and planning for initiatives that build long-term resilience.

Grants and Financing

We oversee the process of offsetting capital expenditures and operational expenses through strategic partnerships and access to significant grant and incentive programs.

Building and Managing

From electric vehicle fleet programs to building charging infrastructure with renewable power generation, we build, manage, and futureproof your community’s transportation infrastructure.


Evolve Network Advantage

In addition to community transportation planning, we work with you to analyze, plan and deploy a zero emission charging hub as part of a network on key transportation corridors in the Western United States. 

Strategic Network

Evolve is working with federal and state agencies to plan, build and operate a network of public zero emission passenger, fleet and heavy duty vehicle charging and fueling centers on key transportation corridors.

State and Federal Incentives

An experienced in-house and contract grant writing team combined with strong government relationships will work to secure state and federal financial incentives to maximize the economics of each charging and fueling center.

Community Partnerships

Evolve is working with communities to build and operate power generation, storage, and charging sites to deliver energy sovereignty and business opportunities for individual communities.

Our Team

We are business and industry leaders with great passion for our clients, our products, and our service offerings. Your success is our success, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with any of us.

Robert Sim

Founder / Director

Paulette Jordan

Executive Director

Dallas Robinson


Hugh Rogers

Founder / Director

Chris Ross

Chief Financial Officer

Ed Ma

Board Member

John Meekison

Board Member

Giuseppe (Pino) Perone

General Counsel / Corporate Secretary