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Stage I:

To build the largest travel and hospitality themed EV charging network on major travel corridors in Western North America.

Stage II:

To support EV charging infrastructure and related businesses with sustainable microgrid power generation.

Industry Highlights

Projected growth in EV ownership


US EV sales will hit 10% of passenger vehicle sales by 2025


US EV sales will hit 58% of passenger vehicle sales by 2040

Deficient EV charging infrastructure


US needs 9.6 million chargers (slow and fast) by 2030, from 50,000 today (+19,000%)


US is planning to install 500,000 DC fast charger stations across the country by 2030


California will require 1.2 million chargers by 2030, up from 14,387 today

Why Evolve?

Management history of success in the electrical contracting business including residential, commercial and industrial installations  
Management history of success in working with and building US tribal casino businesses
Significant recent investment into relationship building with Tribal Nations

10+ year relationships with experienced EV charger and microgrid installers

In-house and contract grant writing team to maximize available incentives  

With major programs launched or pending, 2023 is the year to capitalize on federal, state, and utility incentive programs

Turn pavement into profit with Evolve Charging

Evolve Charging wants to work with you to plan, build and operate a robust multi-unit EV fueling center with industry leading DC (Level 3) fast chargers. We provide a comprehensive, turnkey solution with experienced installers and industry leading hardware and software providers to maximize reliability and uptime. We provide a full incentive support team to secure grants, rebates and credits to maximize the economics of your EV fueling center and turn pavement into profit.

Evolve’s Value Proposition:


Maximize federal, state, and utility rebates as well as carbon credits


Licensed distribution and installation of level 2 and 3 EV chargers


App-based reservation, payment, and service management


Charging fee and carbon credit based revenue generation


Brand development, strategy and execution

Our Team

We are business and industry leaders with great passion for our clients, our products, and our service offerings. Your success is our success, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with any of us.

Robert Sim

Founder / Director

Paulette Jordan

Executive Director

Dallas Robinson


Hugh Rogers

Founder / Director

Chris Ross

Chief Financial Officer

Ed Ma

Board Member

John Meekison

Board Member

Giuseppe (Pino) Perone

General Counsel / Corporate Secretary


Evolve’s long-term strategy is to close the energy loop on EV charging through vertical integration of its network locations with sustainable micro-grid power generation


Solar, natural gas/propane/methane, battery hybrid power generation and storage systems


Full-service design, installation, management, and incentives solution for EV and microgrid power generation systems